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This image is Titled "Fairlytale Wood" and comes from Roberto Saltori on Flickr.


  1. Hi! I really like your site. I think it shows what a fairytale is like with the outdoorsy looking image. I think when people think of fairytales they think of people being out in the woods like that, it tends to be a common theme in those stories so that I think that was a good choice of image for the home page of your website. I really like in the story how the women agrees to marry him only if he starts being kind to people. I think that shows her strong personality and how being kind I important to her. I think it is funny how the prince tries to do things to make her mad but she keeps doing things to take care of the issue. She makes good out of the bad situation that he puts on her. I also like the happy ending and how he gets removed form power and the town is happy again.

  2. Hi Linsey! Your storybook idea is super cool! Juliana standing up for herself and refusing to marry Eugene was really great story choice, especially since the story did not involve her having to be save by some other man/love interest. About your website though, I think you may have written your story into the introduction? I do not know if this was intentional because I thought the storybooks needed to have independent story and intro pages. Just something to look into. I was also curious about a few things in the story. Why did the forest spirit favor her so much? Maybe adding some more information about here spirituality or things like that would help the reader understand more of what kind of person Juliana is. Maybe adding more about how Eugene tried to turn everyone against her could also be interesting. Things like forcing her friends to not associate with her, or making her parents angry because they knew they'd be punished too if she did not marry him.

  3. Hi Linsey,
    I really liked the design of your website; it has a very minimalist look and very nature type of them for fairytales blog. I like the idea that you had to write your story book about fairy tales. I enjoy reading fairy tales stories with happy ending, and Juliana's joy was one of them. I also liked how you gave a strong personality to Juliana. She used that strong personality to try to help Eugene. But because Eugene is a very stubborn person, he failed to adjust himself and lost all the privileges he had. I would maybe suggest writing about the reaction of Juliana's dad after hearing that Eugene sent his daughter to jail. Try to show how the dad maybe felt guilty for it. Did Juliane forgive her dad for pushing her to Eugene even though she didn’t want him because of his behavior? Overall, great job! I can’t wait to read your next story.

  4. Hi Linsey, I love your storybook idea, I also thought the design and layout was very elegant looking and mature. It's a completely different look for the classic fairy tales! I particularly liked the ending in Eve's diary. (I'm not very familiar with the story so I'm sorry if I get anything mixed up) More specifically, I liked that her diary telling it from her point of view wasn't to place blame or anything, but instead it was to acknowledge her actions and make the point that they were of her own will. I interpreted it as her wanting to make it known that her actions were on her own accord, rather than being influenced by anyone else. It's like she's pointing out that she is in fact her own person, not "tempted" like you said in the story. I also think you forgot to capitalize her name at the beginning but other than that I loved it!

  5. Hi Linsey!

    I really like the spooky cover photo you have on your homepage. It gives your site a mystical feel as you step inside to hear about the fairy tales. Your title of the book is also very unique. You really claim each story as your own as you put a unique twist on each one that the audience isn't expecting. "Juliana's Joy" was very entertaining to read.

    How did Juliana's father react to all of this? He's the one who set up the marriage. I can't imagine how he felt after hearing the Duke sent her to jail. Not only that, but Eugene then planned on having a sword fighter kill her in battle! It'd be interesting to see if he's remorseful for putting Juliana in this situation to begin with, or how he reacted to seeing that she was about to be killed! Maybe a part could be included about Juliana's father trying to make his way through the crowd or the arena to reach Juliana and save his daughter.

    While I'm not mad about it, I'm curious to know where the idea of dancing came from! The story doesn't really explain if Juliana has a love of dancing that stems back from childhood or if there is some other reasoning behind the dancing. Maybe the story could include a small backstory on Juliana! She could really love dancing her whole life or maybe she has some kind of magic where she can make anyone have the urge to dance whenever she pleases.

  6. Hi Linsey,

    I really enjoyed your storybook as a whole! The homepage has a really cool header picture that sets an eery mood. However, the bright white at the bottom takes away from that, so maybe consider changing it to grey.

    Thank you for making your storybook very organized and neat! There have been many storybooks this semester that have been overwhelmingly complex and cluttered. So, I really appreciate any storybook that makes the most out of simplicity.

    I also noticed that you didn't have an introduction. I highly suggest making one so the reader will know what your storybook is about. Or, at the very least, but an introductory sentence on your homepage. All the readers have to go off is the title and header picture. Other than that, I like the rest of your storybook.

    I am really looking forward to reading more of your storybook this semester! Keep up the good work.


  7. Hi Linsey!
    Your storybook title was eye-catching and I love the color you used for your webpage. It kind of has this eerie, serene quality. I think someone else had mentioned, but what if you changed the white color on your website to something a little more muted? I love the theme of your storybook project. Even though the storybook project allows us to unleash some fun and creative writing, it is great that your storybook will be meaningful to you, your students, and to other people/readers. In Juliana’s Joy, I liked that Juliana didn’t just simply comply with her father’s wishes and that she didn’t want to marry the Duke; she made her own choice. Why was Eugene so intent on having Juliana as his wife? Did he see something in her? I was irritated for Juliana because he kept harassing her! Also, what if you added some reasoning behind why he was eventually removed from power? Eve’s Diary is a unique story, too. I liked how you made that your own and you told the story from Eve’s perspective as she takes accountability. Just a minor looks like you forgot to capitalize her name at the beginning of the story. Overall, you have a great storybook so far!

  8. Hey Linsey! I am so happy I came across your storybook. I am a huge proponent of human rights and gender equality, so as soon as I saw the title of your website I knew I would thoroughly enjoy it. Anything that pushes female empowerment, independence, and confidence is definitely my kind of entertainment. I think it is so important to talk about problems that we are facing currently, and doing this through storytelling just makes it 10x cooler. Your introduction was a great foundation for the motive behind your writing and also what to expect in the stories that would be posted. Providing a personal message of what's important to you and basically establishing what your "why" is for your website was extremely effective in the delivery of the stories to follow. They felt more passionate and personal, which is a great combination for reaching an audience. Great job!

    1. Hey Linsey! I just revisited your site to check back up on any new stories you may have added. Last time I was here, you didn't have the Eve story, so I was super excited to read your new addition! I grew up going to Sunday school, so the story of Adam and Eve is definitely something I'm familiar with. I was excited to see that you chose to write from Eve's point of view, as it obviously fits with the theme of your storybook. I feel that often in the teaching of this story in the traditional sense, there are always people that will put full blame on Eve in this situation. So, reading your story was a lot of fun because it felt like she finally was able to stand up for herself and speak out on what "actually" happened. There were a few grammatical and spelling errors, but nothing that a quick five minute check in can't fix. Great job and I can't wait to read what else you come up with!

  9. Hey Linsey!

    I am a student from the Epics of India class and I am doing a cross-course project feedback! To start with, I really like the goal you have implemented for your story. Tweaking your stories to fit the needs for our young children is really cool! Also, I am glad that you are spending time with your niece and I hope she is in love with your project! Furthermore, your first story was very intriguing. Your author's note was very useful because I've never read the source story before. I like how you changed the plot to seem more like a fairytale based plot rather than religious, as this would probably be better for the theme of your project! I also like the image you included in your first story! Its a great depiction of the enchanted forest! Overall, your project is outstanding.

  10. Hi Linsey,

    First of all, I love your mission in your intro to have more feminist representations in fairy tales! I completely agree with you on that. I love Juliana's story and how with the help of the forest, she was able to stand up to this awful guy that wanted to marry her. I was very surprised with your author's note. When you discussed how there was a lot of religious terms in this story, I did not realize the original would be completely about religion because your twist was so perfect. It seemed like that was how the story was meant to be. I wish there was a little bit of quotes just to make it easier to read. Your twist on Adam and Eve was amazing. I like how Eve took responsibility for her eating the apple, she apologized. Overall, your project has a great mission, and your stories are very well done.

  11. Hey Linsey! I love your page and how you have it set up. I think your storybook is just beautiful, and the artwork you have selected is so pretty! My first suggestion is that maybe you could consider making your "comment wall" link a bit more accessible by making it a tad bit bigger? Of course this may not be an issue for anyone but me, but it did take me a second to find it, and I wished it just popped out a bit more. Otherwise, your writing is just incredible! The stories you have recreated are amazing and help me with my further understanding of the original texts, even though I am in the Indian Epics Section. I took this class last semester and remember really enjoying much of the reading material, so I am glad I could revisit it!

  12. Hey Linsey. I liked hearing about your inspiration behind your project. I think that that is a really god point and a sincere reason to come up with this as a theme. The title definitely made me interested--I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought your banner image was fantastic! It really fits the theme perfectly. That stinks that Eugene was a jerk-face. Unfortunately, this is the second story book I have come across tonight in which there was supposed to be an arranged marriage but the prince was a jerk! Respect to Juliana for sticking to her guns and being optimistic in prison. I think I would work-out 24/7 in prison but that does not seem Juliana's style. I liked seeing her positivity and spirituality even in the darkest of times. It is unfortunate that the forest is kinder than the duke himself! I was glad to see him go, and the dance battle was epic! Great work on this project.

  13. Hi, Linsey! Great job on your first couple stories. I think it's awesome that you are working to make your stories representative and inclusive of women. We can always use more representation in our stories and of course our young women need strong, independent women to look up to and relate to.

    I really like your decision to shift the religious issue in Juliana's story to an issue of kindness and gentleness. Not only do we see a woman holding strong to her beliefs in the face of a angry, dangerous man, we get to see this character stand up for what is right and make the world a truly better place. It's a wonderful message.

    I really liked your take on the story of Eve. Once again, you gave us an important message, "Don't be afraid to question the rules but, you must take responsibility for your actions." You do it in such a short and engaging story as well. Great job! My only major note is that in your fourth paragraph you use the word rapport and, I'm not sure that is the word you meant to use there. It feels like reputation was meant.

  14. Hi Linsey. I am not in this class but the Indian Epics class. However I took the Myths and Folklore previously. I was interested in your project because of the title. I love feminist stories! I would like to see more feminism in all aspects of culture and society.
    This week we are focusing on images and visuals. From the start, your forest header reminded me of Taylor Swift's Cardigan video. It also gives off an Alice and Wonderland vibe. It is relaxing yet appropriately somber for this dreary year. I like how it goes with the bluish grey color scheme that you are using.

    I am so excited that you care so much about representation and inclusivity and are already thinking ahead for your future students and classroom. You will change their lives for the better. I wish all teachers were as thoughtful as that. I don't know if you are a fan of Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson series, but he is a role model of mine who was also a teacher and cared about diversity and representation. He writes/talks a lot about how he tries to include a lot of diversity in his books because of his students. He wanted every student in his classroom to be portrayed, to have characters that looked like them, thought like them, and/or came from similar situations. For this reason he has written a lot not only about ADHD/Dyslexia and rough family situations, but also about kids of all different ethnicities, sexualities, gender-identities, etc. He even has a protagonist who is homeless. He is far from perfect but has made valid attempts at becoming more inclusive throughout the years. Anyway, your introduction reminded me of him.
    Back to visual review!
    I love how your images fit with your header. And they are so fairy-tale esque too. The Enchanted Forest tree image is so cool. I think you did a great job choosing images to go with your overall look and individual stories as well. I enjoyed reading your stories!

  15. Hi Linsey!
    I have read your story: Eve's Diary. I would say that I enjoy reading it, and it is impressive and attractive. You rewrite the story about Eve and Adam via another aspect, and you put your own thoughts into the new story. In this rewriting story, you think Eve does not made mistake, but only did a simple choice. I agree with that. Also, I also think that no one should actually blame her cause her choice lead to the appearance of humans society in the myth. Besides, I like your website's style. It is simple and easy to read. But I am sure that the website would be better if you could put several imagines with your stories. They could help each reader to imagine some scenes and pictures in their minds.

  16. Hi Linsey!
    I think you have a very noble goal with your portfolio/storybook!
    It's always good for kids to have good role models and heroes they can root for and identify with.
    I think you did a pretty good job at creating a non-religious version of the Christian story about Saint Juliana.
    The things you swapped out worked fairly well to make it untied to any particular religion.
    However, I felt that the story could probably use another editing pass, as there were quite a few grammar errors in the text.
    Your second story was a neat concept, but I felt you should have dived into it more. The story really didn't feel much different at all from the biblical version of the story. Spending more time elaborating on why Eve made the choices she did and her motivations behind them would likely be good.

  17. Hi Linsey!

    As a side note, I really enjoyed the photo that you used on your introduction. I think it fits perfectly with what you are saying. I also really loved the theme for your Storybook as surrounding strong female characters.

    Both of your Author's Notes were clear and concise, but I think some explanation for the story of Adam and Eve is warranted in the second one. Even if it seems like a tale that everyone should know, it would still be helpful to have that background just in case.

    Regarding your second story with Eve, I really liked it! I even wish it were a little longer which would be my only critique. You could even do something fun like adding in the scene between Eve and the snake with dialogue and everything. You could portray their story from Eve's point of view.

    Anyways, your Storybook is turning out great so far! Good work.

  18. Hey Linsey!

    I think the idea you've centered your stories around is fantastic, and I love that you've dedicated it to someone special in your life. You seem like a person who will empower others, and that will make you a wonderful teacher :) Regarding your author's note for Juliana's Joy, I appreciate the original story's summary. It helps the reader connect well with the themes and creativity present in your rendition. I think it also gives the reader an appreciation for your reasoning when you chose this story (because it's not about love, and it depicts a different kind of female hero). My one suggestion for your story itself would be to use a grammar checker, like Grammarly, because there are a few small errors in it. I use it for all of mine, so I don't have to proof-read as much, haha! Great work, Linsey! I can't wait to read more.

  19. Hi Linsey,
    I really liked the ending to your bullfrog story! It is kind of abrupt for a fairy tale, and I think that's a good thing because it makes the strong point and gets the reader to think about why the story ends the way it did (because of Henry's creepy and invasive behavior). I also really liked Eve's story because the idea of how Eve ate the apple is used to oppress women in so many different contexts! A possible suggestion for that story could be to also emphasize that Adam was equally at fault. In Juliana's Joy, I liked how the good things that happened to Juliana were often the result of her own virtue and self-control. For instance, when she was in prison, she was able to make the best of the situation by finding ways to make her prison stay more bearable, and when the children were throwing rocks at her wall, she was able to hear the noise as a "joyful drumbeat"!

  20. Linsey, I really liked reading your stories. Growing up, I definitely wished that there were more stories that I could relate to with strong female characters. One of my favorite books that I read over and over again was "The Hero and the Crown" by Robin McKinley. It's one of the best fantasy books I've read and it was about a girl who does not waiver from her decisions. I liked your first story about Julianna a lot - and I think it's a great idea that you put it in a different setting so that it can be more accessible! I also liked your retelling of Adam and Eve's fall. I noticed one typo, which is that you did not capitalize "Eve" in the first paragraph. Other than that, it looked great. I hope you've enjoyed this project!


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